Aletris M. Neils

Aletris Neils has been working with carnivores since 2000. An Arizona native, Aletris initiated her career working as a wildlife education specialist for the Phoenix Zoo, and shortly after began tracking pumas and jaguars in southern Arizona and northern Mexico. Aletris has worked for several wildlife organizations including Arizona Game and Fish, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Wildlife Conservation Society, and US Geological Survey. Aletris is primarily interested in resolutions for human-carnivore conflicts, and her Masters research focused on black bears living at the urban- wildlife interface. In 2008, Aletris founded Conservation CATalyst, a nonprofit organization dedicated to research, education, and conservation pertaining to the world’s carnivores. As a Fulbright fellow, her Ph.D. research focuses on ecology and conservation of caracals and small felids on Namibian farmlands. She is collaboratively developing locally acceptable solutions to reduce conflicts and mitigate livestock depredation by carnivores.