Lauren Aletta

Brisbane, Qld Australia

Lauren Aletta

Brisbane, Qld Australia

I'm Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue.

I am an Intuitive Reader, a Guide not a Teacher, a wild hearted adventurer and an ignite your Heart fire starter.

And what is it that I do? Well, I call it Intuitive Lifestyle Designing. It's fun!

I support people in accessing their internal knowledge and wisdom to creatively design their lives to reflect their Soul.

I do this through;

- Intuitive Readings and Consultations

- One on One Soul Food Sessions, and

- Group workshops in Soul School.

I believe that we're not vessels to fill, but knowledgeable spiritual beings to create from. When we access our own internal wisdom and guidance we organically begin to implement logically and physcially that Soul level knowledge, creating balance and harmony in our lives!

It's here we are able to intuitively access our passion pit of curiosities which leads to investigation, skill building and specialisation in area's that are aligned deeply with who we are.

And far out that excites me!

In my previous life, I spent 10 years (between children) working within the Community Service Sector doing Social Worky stuff. Now, my heart is about connecting with your heart, so you can create magic straight from it.

So if you're looking to reconnect, I'm the girl for it!

Big love


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