Alève Mine

The first advisor specialized in recursive risk in Geneva, Switzerland

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The first advisor specialized in recursive risk. Focus on systemic limit dynamics. Originator of the OneGoal Initiative for Governance. - "A confidently awkward brain."

​An advisor and speaker for questions relating to governance, particularly with regard to recursive risk and systemic limit behaviors, Alève is also an author with works ranging from tech and governance to science fiction. Having studied microengineering (robots, nanotech, chips, sensors, materials, lasers, signal processing, production lines, etc.), with a M.Sc. from the EPFL and a finance diploma from the St. Gallen Management Institut SGMI, Alève worked worldwide in the arts (music, film, fine arts, literature), and as a film festival judge, having attended schools in multiple countries for these, including the NFTS in the UK. ITU-T laureate 2011. Founder of the Zurich AR/VR meetup community and of the OneGoal Initiative for Governance. Author of Storytelling Automation Principles and the scifi The Premise. Alève is active in the international organisations environment such as WTO, ITU and the UNOG, including IGF instances, with experience regarding the EU, Switzerland, Africa and the US.

Photo by Magda Nowak and Leszek Andzel

  • Education
    • M.Sc. Microengineering EPFL
    • Finance SGMI