Alève Mine

author in Bellingshausen Station, Antarctica

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Originator of the OneGoal Initiative for Governance, launched at the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS based on "The Margin Problem". An author with a M.Sc. in microengineering (robots, nanotech, chips, sensors, materials, lasers, signal processing, production lines, etc.) from the EPFL and a finance diploma from SGMI, Alève worked worldwide in the arts, and as a film festival judge, having attended schools in multiple countries for these, including the NFTS in the UK. Author of the scifi The Premise. Founder & lead of an AR/VR community. Involvements and speaker engagements in the field of governance also include Swiss IGF steering group, EuroDIG, TIC Afrique and more. Author of "Storytelling Automation Principles", covering the issue of personalization.

Photo by Magda Nowak and Leszek Andzel

  • Education
    • M.Sc. Microengineering EPFL
    • Finance SGMI