Alexander Levin

Dedicated, passionate, and accomplished marketing professional with expertise in marketing, project management, and staff recruitment and retention. Extensive experience in strategic planning, advertising, merchandising, and promotion with independent studios, producers, licensors, and major retailers.

Alexander B. Levin is an innovator and is always thinking outside the box. Finding new solutions to pre-existing problems or discovering new issues is second nature to him. His ability to think quickly and to improvise on the fly makes him a valuable asset to any company.

He has a strong passion for learning the "in's and out's" of businesses. Being an entrepreneur and intrapreneur has always been in his blood. Implementing new systems/policy comes naturally to Mr. Levin and he states "I love doing this"!

Alexander B. Levin has been a professional DJ/Producer for over 10 years and he founded successful mobile entertainment service company Underground Productions Agency, LLC as a result of his experience and interest in both music and business managment. His very first editing/mastering software was Cubase, however since then has mastered other softwares such as AcidPro, Reason, Abelton, Hammerhead, and various other VSX systems.

His original DJ name was DJ: Party Boy, but the name was retired (in year 2011) in order to give birth to a much more meaningful name DJ: Infinium.

Breakbeat, Dark Wave, Drum N' Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Euro-Trance, Hardcore, House, Industrial, Mash-Ups, New Rave, Raggacore, Rave Beats, Rockno, Top 40 Remixes, Trancestep, and Trip Rock/Hop.