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Hey there, I’m Alev Solak. Yes, I'm the health journalist from Texas behind the anti-fad-diet folks who have made their online home.

How many times have you tried to diet? How well has that worked out for you? If you're like the vast majority of dieters, it hasn't worked out well for you at all.

Maybe you've even gotten so frustrated and miserable about the whole idea of dieting that you've given up and resigned yourself to carrying around the burden of excess fat. Before you give up on your dreams of improving your health and buying smaller sizes, please just give me a bit of your time.

You Didn't Fail At Dieting

Plenty of studies have shown that people lose no more than five to ten percent of their body weight on popular diets, and in the end, they end up gaining more weight than they lost after just a couple of years.

Diets Failed You

You don't fail diets; but they fail you. Visit my site to lean how to start enjoying food again while losing fat and improving your physical and emotional health.

Why Popular Diets Stink

I was going to use a stronger word than stink, but I don't want to offend anybody or get censored.

Look, your last diet probably didn't work for you because you DID NOT EAT ENOUGH OF THE RIGHT THINGS -- and NOT BECAUSE YOU ATE TOO MUCH. The lack of essential nutrients will slip the gears in your fat-loss plans faster than anything else, and what's worse, the diet gurus know this.

They make more money if they keep you on the diet treadmill than if you achieve sustainable weight loss. There's a solution, and it's easy to understand. I want to help, so please visit me at