Alevtina Klepikova



My name's Alevtina Klepikova.

I want shortly tell about my personality and goals. Originally I'm from Russia. I'm at my best when I in a good mood and feeling myself comfortable and safe. Usually, I'm trying to prevent times when somebody stresses me. I'm enjoying my studying by finding soul mates with whom I can work in team. Also, I have special natural talents, such as creativity, being a friend, high communicative and organization skills! In the nearest future I'm planning open my own business in Fur Coat industry with the help of my Greece and Russian business partners. My life's journey is one week on the calmly place with blue ocean, beautiful beach and exotic fruits...with me my laptop. No cell phones and another technology, just sun, sea, hot sand and tasty food. I'm a person who tried live life brightly and independently. In the past, I didn't listen my parent's suggestions and made a lot of mistakes. So, I suggest you listen to your heart and be more successful than I was...My most important future contributions would be my children and account in Switzerland's Bank :)