Alex Garcia

Young, Talented, Articulate and Handsome. These are the words that I use to describe my self since i have the type of friends and family that don't know how to properly compliment individuals such as my self with rad and charismatic personalities. My friends are mostly Latin so really they just don't know how to compliment at all. It's not their fault it's just how we latinos grow up. We are taught to be tough and hard at an early age to prepare us for the harsh world outside. Compliments and gestures of gratitude are severely punished at a very young age with grueling work in the fields or now a days grounded from watching the George Lopez show. As an aspiring actor waiting for my big break. I have to find a way to separate my self from the rest. I'm waiting for my big break while all others are looking for it. I know it's coming i just have to be ready for it. I have to stay mentally healthy for a moment like this one. I don't want to suffer a mental breakdown like Britney so a steady plan of brain yoga and neuron pilates helps me stay alert and on top of my game. Ok so maybe not neuron pilates because it doesn't exist but face yoga for sure is key to waking up in the morning and making me feel like i am ready to take on the day. I am all about family but also i am all about making friends that act like family. I hope to one day be able to say that I lived in a time where so many lives were being wasted.