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Alex Adam Eagelz


❷.Hate ME i Dont Fuck!n Care _|_ So Shut The Fuck up .. -_-" ❸My

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❻ Eep -.-" ... Its hard to talk about your slef but i have to ...!

●I'M Hossen , That мy real names

●i love when pple Call me Alex or you can call me ,wat Eva yew want ..

●Was Born in Egypt .. ♥..... EGYPT IN MY ♥

● I have 18 years old and i'll trurn to 19 in the next march.

●I'M Normal Guy live in Crazy Country ,live with alot of stupids..

●I'M kind Love all ρρle.. .Feel Sad When see some one Sad.. FeeL always Depression

●I always FeeL That i'M lonely in That world ..

●I'M so sensctive, so Emotional ,so Emotive...

● I Hate - [ Fake pple , Fake Friends ]

● I wish make that world nice and all pple love eatch other .

● I really wish to Spread love and world peace to everyone "you may see that silly but i'm really believe in that" =]

● i'M Moody Become Angry Fast Be carefull Make Me Angry cuz you May Hate Me..

● I Never ever smile in any pic idk what the reason .. May be I dont have smile .

● I'm pure person in my normal , but i have anther Face dont make me show it cuz i really hate him ..

● I Hate to live in Egypt with that rules and that shit .

● I Hate people in Egypt cuz most of them are just i diots .

● Be carefull Make Me Hate you cuz i'll be your nightmare .!

● I'M the orignal of Alex Adam eagelz i have no copys !!

[ I Love make friends from all over the world so iF you like me Follow me (Add,

contact me) ]● ●

● MY Hotmail [ Alex_Adam_eagelz@hotmail.Com ]

● Say Hi and dont be shy !! =]

I Give You The Option To Add Me ... And Give Myself The Option To Accept Or Ignore ;)

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