Alex Anderson

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I am in my junior year at Georgia Southern University majoring in Business/Marketing with an emphasis in Sales and Sales Management. I am interested in a career in SaaS B2B enterprise software sales, technology sales, or marketing automation.

This past summer I had a fantastic paid internship with PGi in Atlanta. PGi is a $500M public company providing audio, web and video conferencing I designed and built a mobile dashboard to provide simplified visualization, collaboration and knowledge sharing among client leads. I got on the phone and coordinated with every partner and agent to offer them updated marketing collateral. I structured and systemized the partner list to ensure that all their information and contacts were up to date in the system. I analyzed statistics from marketing research over time to visualize which methods were most effective with customers. I learned a great deal and had a great time at PGi.

I grew up around software sales. My parents founded GetConnect, a successful software reseller organization specializing in web conferencing software, I've done general filing duties for them for years.

In high school I interned with (now I did general duties like cleaning, organizing t-shirts and office supply shopping. But they let me do some cool things too like help to find bugs in their application and represent them at local tradeshows.

Like many millennials who grew up with the internet, software is intuitive for me. My parents gave me a copy of Adobe PhotoShop when I was 9 years old. I figured it out on my own and taught myself a little HTML. I'm in the software cloud at college all day long. I want to pursue business development, listening and understanding customer's needs, explaining the value-add of software/technology, marketing automation, and client nuturing.

I love to travel and would love to incorporate travel into my career, especially international travel. My friends and network are everything to me. I seek out and build strong relationships.

Feel free to email me at: or you can reach me at 214-548-0305.


  • Education
    • Georgia Southern University