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Alex Beasley

Alex Beasley

21 years old.


Sydney, Australia. Hopefully soon, Melbourne, Australia.

I am creative.


Life is a constant series of interesting challenges, where the excitement is in the journey.

My mind never stops turning, trying to uncover more mysteries.

Near enough is never good enough.

The only bad idea is the one you didn't act upon.

Humility is the foundation of greatness.

I always accept criticism with enthusiasm, because I don't pretend to know everything.

Dear Oakley Australia: You've been led here by a link in a series of seemingly anonymous letters. You now know who has been behind these, and a small taste of the lengths I am willing to go to win your confidence in me and my abilities to perform the tasks of "The Job", an Online Marketing Assistant.

If I am chosen for the position, I will dedicate myself to continuing to make Oakley the greatest it can be. That's a personal promise, and one you can bank on. Please see the links below to view my application videos on YouTube & some related photos on my Flickr.