Alex Beisser

Senior GRC Security Analyst in London, United Kingdom

Alex Beisser

Senior GRC Security Analyst in London, United Kingdom

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I strongly believe that Information Governance supports better and safer patient care and increases customer satisfaction by providing a framework for using and sharing information in a safe and lawful manner. I am a proud husband, former NHS staff, traveller to the Far East and Asian food lover.

In my spare time I like travelling around Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia), cooking Indonesian food and studying trends in health informatics development in the Far East.

People say that you can learn so much when you travel around the world. That could not be any truer in my case. Back in 2008 I met my wife while being on holiday in Indonesia. She is of Chinese origin, but her family lived for generations in Jakarta. We got married there in 2009 and now live in London where she is working as the PA to the Deputy Director of Governance at our local hospital.

I have worked within IT for over 15 years. I developed a passion for promoting Information Governance as a key enabler of sharing patient data in a save, effective manner to increase the satisfaction of clients receiving services in the modern fast paced care settings. I have a keen interest in using RFID and barcode technology to improve the safety and efficiency in healthcare.

I work as a Senior Governance Risk & Compliance Security Analyst for an American Healthcare IT company. I provide leadership throughout the entire development life cycle of Information Security solutions. This includes assisting with policy and standards management, providing governance support for reference architectures, and providing strategic security guidance to the business through threat modelling and risk analysis.

In this role I am focusing on ensuring that enterprise security is implemented in a consistent, coherent manner that is compliant with country specific legislation, regulations and good practice across the globe.

I am keen to explore new opportunities and share ideas. Contact me if you are interested to show me how to improve your security and resilience.

Indonesia's humongous healthcare plan
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    • MSc Health Informatics
    • Certified in the Governance of Enterprice IT
    • Certified Information Systems Auditor
    • Prince2 Practitioner
    • IT Infrastructure Library - Foundation