Alex Benevides

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"Not only is Woodward not in the hunt, but he is slowly turning into the hunted. Part of what remains to be uncovered is how Woodward was played by the Bush team, and what they thought they were doing by leaking to him."

It should be obvious from the work who the Woodward of Now is.

The guy’s name is Murray Waas; he’s an independent journalist who recently went to work for National Journal and the Atlantic Media Company. Murray Waas has been in the game since he was 18.

By Woodward Now I mea the reporter who is actually doing what Woodward has a reputation for doing: finding, tracking, breaking into reportable partsand then publishingthe biggest story in town. He’s also putting those parts together for us.

The Biggest Story in Town is the one that would cause the biggest earthquake if the facts started coming out. Today the biggest story in town is what really went down as the Bush team drove deceptively to war.