Alex Bochis

Alex Bochis is the CEO and Founder of, operated and owned by his Project Management consultancy company Green Sector IT AB (LLC). Constant changing environments and projects is what led him to the vast experience he gathered from working in large sectors such as Energy, Medical, Telecom, Automotive, Finance and of course Games, which is favourite and newest endeavour.

His contribution as Project Manager led to new and effective implementations of processes and systems, vastly improving manufacturing, lead times and communications to some of brands you know, including Shell, Telia, Thule, Tetra Pak and Nordea.

When he isn’t working on completing different sized projects and running the company, Alex is volunteering as a tutor, teaching small to large businesses how to adapt to the constant changes of Social Media and finding the marketing strategy that works for their specific products.

His latest venture called Mobile Game Graphics is about creating incredible graphical assets for game developers of all ages around the globe. He believes that anyone is able to create games today, especially with the easy and great game building tools made available today. Alex believes that creating your own game is such a fun and important experience where everyone can express and incorporate their feelings into it, and fantasy can be set completely free and there are no boundaries to what you can actually create. As he sometimes put’s it “Only your imagination is the limit!”

He becomes 30 years younger when he comes home every evening, where he always finds his beautiful wife and their cute little baby daughter. Although it may be early for his daughter to understand, it doesn’t prevent him from sharing his crazy game ideas with his family. It’s a safe statement to say that their daughter may be growing up developing a wild and colourful imagination.