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Alexander Dulude

My name is Alex Dulude, and I am proud to come from Boston, Massachusetts. But I am much more proud to be studying at Dalhousie University for a Bachelor of Science. I have a love for math, physics, and economincs. My favourite holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving, and I would kill for a good cup of coffee. Anywhere. Anytime. Constant coffee.

I am the product of cultural study, having been to a decent number of countries and only wanting to go to more. The best trip I ever had was to New Zealand, but my favourite country is probably Canada. On the majority of my trips, I like to do adventure sports. So I have been cliff diving, spelunking, wakeboarding, climbing, repeling, trap shooting, and off-road driving. Without going to the places I've been, I never would have become who I am today, and for that I am proud.

The newest chapter in my life is Dalhousie University, along with volunteering, Phi Delta Theta, sports and the new friends I will make here. I have a love of Mathematics and Economics and hope to pursue them much more past my first year.

My favourite things to do are:


Play ultimate frisbee,

Hang out with friends,

Watch a good movie,

Listen to music,

Go get a nice cup of coffee,

Play pool,


Just sit around a bonfire, or just in the evening on a porch, and talk.

I would give all of my time to volunteering, if I could still live without a job and degree, etc. But as far as I can tell, I need the rest to pay for food and a place to sleep. So I settle for just volunteering as much as I can at blood drives, runs for causes (Diabetes, AIDS, Food for the homeless), with middle schoolers who need my help, cleaning up nature preserves, and running fundraisers. Hopefully someday I can incorporate all of that into my everyday life, but until then, this will have to do.
My life will be a set of actions dictated by what I believe in, and I am proud of that. Now onward and upward!