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Dr. Alex J. Duran N.

Dr. Alex J. Duran N.

Veterinarian, degree at the University of La Salle in Colombia, specializing in veterinary oncology (Leon university Spain), member of the European College of pathologists. He is currently manager of Veterinary Tierzellelab in Germany. has conducted clinical and therapeutic research master's degree (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University Spain) and PhD in pathology and clinical research. He is working in skin diseases in pets and lesion for virus in zoo birds.

His company is a new concept in services for vets......Wir machen alles für ihre Haustier.

in a few months the company to open a new area of work: skin diseases associated with disorders of animal behavior. Currently conducts research in animal tumor company.

Begrüßen zu dürfen und hoffen, diese Dienstleistungen für ihre Haustiere mitzubringen.