Alex Faddous

The second annual Goldsmith Awards were awarded this week to those achieving excellence in the fields of investigative reporting, book writing and media research. Investigative reporters Murray Waas and Douglas Frantz who uncovered information about U.S. policy toward Iraq were rewarded at the Kennedy School of Government with a prize of $25,000.

The Goldsmith Awards "bring together the world of scholarship and the world of practice...enhancing the work of both," Kennedy School Dean Albert Carnesale said. The awards were given under the auspices of Harvard University's Kennedy School's Joan Shorentein Barone Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. The prizes for investigative reporting were awarded to Douglas Frantz and Murray Waas of The Los Angeles Times for their series on U.S. government policy toward Iraq.

Murray Waas spoke on behalf of the L.A. Times team, explaining their efforts to expose "Iraqgate." He stressed the inverse connection between domestic well-being and covert foreign policy. "People have a right to know the secret history of how these [foreign policy] decisions are made in their name," he said.