Alex Ford

Software Engineer in Austin, Texas

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Hallo, wie geht's?

I'm Alex,

I first got into tech by being really into Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), so much so that my friends and I were building our own DDR Pads. This led to a small eBay Video Game Console Repair gig, which sparked my interest in Computer Engineer (University of Texas). Fast forward one education later, I became a Semiconductor Designer (@Freescale). During that time, the web fascinated me, so I went to Code School (@Makersquare) and started my career in web development as an Ember Developer (@TheFrontside).

I love walking my pup @raeathebear, bicycle touring, rock-climbing, kayaking and playing cribbage.

Right now, I'm focused on connecting people with the outdoors through software. I'm exploring IOT Connected Fitness, ChatBots, and Web Crawlers #31nightsout

  • Education
    • University of Texas at Austin