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Alex Fox

After reading a recent headline that said, "Internet Adoption in Need of Greater Regulation, One Study Finds", I was I dilemma that what is it that would define the effects of internet. Internet had a great impact on world ever since its inception and evolution. Now we see wifi version of in internet that started from dial up connections. The initial computers were that of a size of a room and now we can see that in what size see computers in which state. Much has changed.

The question is; is the change good or bad? Well, this is a very controversial discussion, in a way that to every goo aspect of internet, we can attach a bad impact very easily. For instant taking the example of the article I read regarding the adoption and the ease internet has introduced in making the separated families meet and also for those parents who want to adopt children since they can't have of their own or for any other reason; there exist also a negative impact of it. It makes it easier for unregulated service providers to prey on vulnerable prospective adoptive parents, expectant parents and by extension, the children, increased vigilance by law enforcement of online activity; and revision of state laws to ensure protection from scams.

But the problem here is not internet, because even if you take away internet, bad people and bad things would still exist. We cannot a stop to such things by putting an end to internet and related activities. The thing that needs to be stopped and to be changed is the thinking of people. Until we change the way people think we cannot change the impact of their thinking. Negativity has to correct; and this negativity exist in every region and in every field.

We have several such examples where we can see both positive and negative effects of the internet. For instance when I was in university I had a huge term project of dissertation writing. I was running out of time and couldn't have afforded a bad grade, so I decided to order my dissertation. The dissertation writing service that I order to was highly credible apparently and that's why charged me a lot but the result was that the write up it gave me was plagiarized and I was shock to see that.