Alex Galvin

My name is Alex Galvin (Alexander DeWitt Galvin). I was born in Chicago,IL. I am currently 15 years old. I live in a suburb right out of Chicago called Evanston. I currently attend Evanston Township High School. I am an honor roll student, and I play baseball and basketball. I am enrolled in all honors courses and I am very involved with several programs such as student council and school sports. I have one sibling, an 18 year old sister. My role models that I use as an inspiration in my life are Warren Buffett, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and my grandfather John King.
I am interested in pursuing a career in business, specifically investment banking, and marketing. After high school, I really want to attend either Stanford, or USC. I want to pursue a job for my aunts company in which I would hopefully become an investment banker. I would like to form a family in a state with a very warm climate, specifically California or another west coast state. I have always been interested in business from a very early age. I love the idea of working, doing something that I have a passion for and making a good amount of money for it.
I believe:

Every student has a path to success if they apply themselves correctly

Pursue your dreams now before it is too late