Alex Gruber

Product Manager and Small Business Owner in New York

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Immigrated to the US in 1989
Built my own PC (486 sx33) from parts in 1991
Started monetizing BBS in 1993
Became an AOL junky in 1995
Got involved with alt.binaries in 1995
Built the first yahoo store for a client in 1999
Survived the dot-com bubble in 2000
Opened my own eCommerce store in 2002
Closed all 3 of my eCommerce stores in 2003
Opened a Comparison Shopping engine in 2003
Licenses the technology and white labeld engine in 2005
Accidentally started workingin healthcare in 2005
Now director of product management, mobile at Vonage 2014

The things I learned:

Usability is everything

The customer is not always right

Help others but don't count on anything in return

Life is short so make it count

Don't get in your own way