Alex Guardiola

Musician, Personal Trainer, and Life Coach in Laredo, Texas

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I grew up in Laredo tx in a humble upbringing. My parents where really strict so we couldn't really do anything bad and if we did do something bad we got punished. I an the second oldest out of two brothers. Reading books and just having knowledge about things in general is something I've done since as far back as I could remember. When I was in high school I played varsity basketball and lifting weights was is something that I was drawn too. So I became involved w all the local gyms and eventually I became a personal trainer. Living in border town I started learning about import export so I pursued a career in logistics so that's what I actually do now currently. I have a passion for helping others and I take pride in doing so. I'm patient, practical, and a loving caring individual. Everything I've ever done in the past I never gave up. As for giving up that for me just doesn't exist. On top of all this a passion of mine is computers and guitar. Life is a never ending journey and if don't have a productive day I feel like a complete failure. Since we only live once I do my best to make ever day as productive as I can. I plan to travel in the future and learn about different cultures. I am a person that questions are place and existence in the universe.

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