Alex Evans

Hello there! I'm THRILLED you've found me. I’m Alex and I am a southern, ever going, working woman. I hope to inspire and embolden those overworked corporate goddesses and wild-hearted women who want to bury themselves in yummy food, fabulous fashion, and last, but definitely not least, the good Lord's word.

In all honesty, I have no experience writing a blog, but really, who does these days?! I feel I have much to share with you.
I have been truly blessed with an amazing and hardworking husband (newlyweds as of May 31!) and we have two fluffy, fuzzy, furry, non-shedding, dog babies. I recently graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Arkansas {WOO PIG} I'm a total daddy's girl. I love baking, reading, and flea-market'ing'. HGTV is my GO TO, I mean really, how can you beat a good ol cup of joe, a warm blanket, and the renowned "Are you going to love it.. or are you going to list it?" line via David and Hilary.

A quirky nugget of goodness - I LOVE organizing things. I have a knack for seeing a messy space and making it new again. I often find myself mindlessly taking over a friend or co-worker's space and placing things where [i think] they should be. Whether it be a closet, desk, or even a car. Whoopsie.

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    • Industrial Engineer