Alex Miranda

Software Engineer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Hi there,

I'm happy you arrived at this page. In case you are interested in getting to know more about me, don't hesitate to send me a message either to my personal email or twitter.

## Short summary:

* 12+ years developing and delivering high quality software products/projects, leading high performing teams to achieve outstanding results through a combination of technical excellence and agile delivery

* Solid technical skills and wide experience building web-based applications and translating requirements into software deliverables and sound architectures

* Experience in highly available user facing systems with 85K+ concurrent users and high intensive computation, accomplished design challenges on a variety of complex domains, such as Banking, Oil and Energy, Government Administration for payment of Refunds and Compensation and public bidding

* Strong background practising code refactoring techniques, test-driven development / design and automated acceptance testing

* Excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills

* An industry best practices practitioner and passionate software developer