Alex Moore

A wizard with a pen and an idea (unless asked to draw), Alex enjoyed a successful undergraduate career at Virginia Tech before joining the team at Redskins Writing Association of America. As an English major, he developed an extensive writing portfolio, a long list of books read, and an even longer list of books to read while pursuing his passion as both a student and lifelong Redskins fan.

Several of his undergraduate pieces (three papers, two projects) were written with the Redskins in mind, whether as a main topic or tool for exploring other ideas, and he even presented one at the English Undergraduate Research Conference last spring that examined the team’s external communications around the name controversy. That way, Dan Snyder should already know that Alex is a “man of the team” and ready to contribute at a high level for his neworganization.

Of course, Alex’s experiences do not stop there. Among his other work, he has already published a short story (Darrel, VT Review) and plans to submit more work at this year’s undergraduate research conference. His chief academic interests (currently)lie in interwar American Literature, and as a student he enjoys blending his analytic ability, creativity, and sports knowledge to produce valuable and compelling discussions.

Beyond the classroom, Alex lives a healthy and fulfilling life; he works nearly 30 hours a week at Buffalo Wild Wings and the VT Writing center, maintains an active social life, and sleeps little.