Alex Parrish

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Alex C. Parrish is Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication at James Madison University. His first book, "Adaptive Rhetoric: Evolution, Culture, and the Art of Persuasion," presents a biocultural paradigm for the study of rhetorical theory and practice, allowing us to understand the human art of persuasion as one among many forms of animal signaling. His work seeks to break down binaries and hierarchical thinking about what it means to be a human, an animal, a person (or, indeed, any combination thereof).

His research and teaching interests include animal studies, environmental rhetoric, the rhetoric of science, semiotics, intercultural communication, histories of rhetoric, technical and professional writing, writing across the curriculum, and cross-species communication.

His second book, which is currently in preparation, will expand his treatment of animal rhetorics. This work will bring to bear new research, from a wide variety of disciplines, on animal signaling, human-animal communication, and rhetorics existing outside the audio-visual human bias..

Alex earned his MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at York University. His Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Bemidji State University (Minnesota), is in Creative and Professional Writing. He also completed an honors thesis for his second major in history, which he researched at the University of Oxford.

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