Alex Roberts

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

My name is Alex Roberts. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Kingston, Tennessee, where I played sports and developed my love of the guitar. I taught myself to play the guitar and harmonica at the age of 14. I also developed a singing voice soon after i began to learn to play. I played solo gigs for a few years at various graduation and house parties, receptions, and also in bars and restaurants.

I moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in 2009 to pursue my love of music at Middle Tennessee State University. I came with the intention of becoming an artist/songwriter but quickly changed my interests to the business side of things. I am currently two semesters away form receiving a degree in Music Business. I am minoring in Political Science and plan to move to California in a year to attend law school with a concentration in Entertainment Law.

I recently began working with a student run record label on MTSU's campus called Match Records. Although my title is Event Manager, I wear a few different hats as any small labels would. I have also been asked to write record and live concert reviews for a web site, though my first event is a few weeks away.