Alex Russell

Fredericksburg, Va.

I work at as a multimedia coordinator and video producer.

I run with the Fredericksburg Rescue Squad as an EMT and ambulance driver, and own Bear Care Medical, a company which provides emergency medical personnel to staff large events such as concerts, festivals and sporting events.

I work for festival production companies during the summer, helping to run festivals like Camp Barefoot, Festy and All Good. Areas of expertise are ticketing, access management and site operations.

I have a photo/video and multimedia consulting business on the side, offering design, consulting and training services ( and

With the little bit of free time I have left, I try to get out to the mountains to kayak the Shenandoah, or do some hiking around Skyline Drive.

I was a sound guy at Orbit's, and for a couple of local bands, but I don't do it anymore. I do miss it, though.

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