Alex Simone

Pittsburgh, Pa Usa

My name is Alex Simone, I am from Syracuse, NY. I played college baseball for four years and my dream is not only to play professionally but give back to the game I Iove. I want to build baseball fields nation wide for children who are mentally challenged. Baseball is a beautiful game and God has allowed me to play longer than I should have by providing me with amazing friends, and memories that I will cherish for my entire life. I want those kids to have the chance to experience that as well.

More about me, I was drafted out of high - school by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2010 MLB first year player draft. Obtaining this achievement was not easy and it took a long way to get to that point. But I have overcame all the doubters and all the coaches in the past who told me I would never make it to the next level. These experiences only made me stronger and allowed me to work harder each and everyday I am blessed with. In high school, I was a well below average player but worked continuously to improve my game.

The beauty of baseball is that players come in all shapes and sizes and anyone can improve their game. Getting to the next level is simple as a consistent work ethic and an obsession with getting better on a daily basis. Through this website I will be sharing my knowledge and past experiences to strengthen each person!

  • Education
    • Senior in College (Majoring in Health Science)