Alex Soriano

Consultant, Volunteer, and Realtor in Burbank, California

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Alex serves as a licensed professional Real Estate Agent, REALTOR. Specializing in single family residency & enjoys working with investors. Helping families sell & purchase properties from Central Coast to Orange County.

Alex has never been one to sit & watch the world go by. Even as a child, he involved himself in small, entrepreneurial efforts, from selling greeting cards to delivering newspapers. Always preferring to be an active participant of his own survival & not let life pass him by. He attributes his entrepreneurial spirit to his mother who passed away when he was only 15 years old. As a young man, he watched his mother build a successful housekeeping business.

After several years of pursuing his dream to play professional baseball, he begun looking into possible business opportunities. At age 29, he started his career in the Financial Services Industry. His loyalty & dedication helped the office in Santa Clarita, CA become one of the top recruiting & producing offices in the state.

Transitioning from the financial services world to the real estate industry has been extremely fulfilling. Alex is 100% committed to his clients & works endless hours at assisting them on their journey of finding their dream home or investment property. In 2012, he brought his entrepreneurial passion to Keller Williams Realty & intends to build a thriving culture. Alex maintains high standards for himself as well as those he works with, always quietly providing the necessary support to help his peers & clients succeed.

You can often find Alex driving from the central coast to the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area meeting with clients & looking for ways to service their needs. His wonderful TEAM of agents & administrators, TEAM 29:11, are ready at any given time to service the need of his clients.

You can also find him occasionally volunteering at Childrens Hunger Fund, in Sylmar. His personal mission is “to help families achieve their financial goals & to provide better opportunities for his family.” His two beautiful daughters, Jackie & Domonique, are now pursuing their professional careers & his wife, Sheila, has built an extremely successful business as an auto broker with DriveWise Auto. Alex enjoys & maintains a solid balance between his Faith, Family, Business & Baseball.