Alex van den Berg

I am an experienced (Technical) Consultant / Project Manager with extensive experience in DWH projects.

I have functional and technical knowledge from the following source systems:

- Oracle eBusiness Suite


I worked with the following Business Intelligence Tools:

- Informatica and

- Oracle Warehouse Builder

After my studies, specializing in Business Informatics I the first couple of years mainly on Oracle eBusiness Suite-projects.

I have extensive experience in Business Intelligence products, including Oracle Warehouse Builder and Informatica. In the past couple of years I worked at Nuon, where I (among others) learned about the functional and technical specs of SAP ISU.

I have a strong analytical skills and am able to quickly identify problems and to find an appropriate solution. My business background enables me to ask questions and wishes of customers and easily translated them into practical and efficient solutions. This way I realized that customized solutions have contributed to the efficient working of the customer.