Alex Woodside

Toronto Ontario

Alex Woodside has worked within the film exhibition industry in Toronto for more then 10 years. From the time his father brought him to see the crumbling façade of the University Theatre (now Pottery Barn) to the opening and closing of the Toronto Underground Cinema, Alex has had a constant position within Toronto's exhibition environment.

Alex along with Nigel Agnew and Charlie Lawton willed into existence the Toronto Underground Cinema, where with no operating budget they managed to bring outstanding events and films to the Toronto audience. The Venue won the Now Magazine Best Rep Theatre Award for 2011.

Alex has also Produced a feature film titled 'The Missionary Position' with writer director Robin Sharp. The film is currently seeking distribution.

Alex prides himself in his ability to bring exciting experiences from conception to audience. In his roles at the Underground and Bloor Cinemas Alex managed to work with teams and help create events like: Kevin Smith Fest, The Silver Stage Fringe Production, Underground Peepshow, Holy Adam West Batman, among many others.

Alex is currently working on his first script with writing partner Kris Kadas, and as started a blog "alex aboveground" where he chimes in on current issues in the film and entertainment world.

  • Work
    • Where ever I can get it
  • Education
    • Etobicoke School of the Arts, and sometime spent at UofT