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Alex Weinstein

Hi there! I’m Alex Weinstein, I’m a passionate entrepreneur and technologist.

I believe in authenticity as a key quality of a technology leader. Authenticity of true belief in the success of the product I’m building creates a sense of purpose in the team. It lights a fire in each of my rock stars that knows that what they’re creating really matters. Honesty with myself about what I know, and what I don’t – and the resulting thirst for wisdom that will be needed next. True inner fire of passion that tells the client that this is the team that has their best interest in mind. Fanatical perfectionism that refuses to stop at “good enough,” frantically pushing past midnight to blow past the expectations.

I’m a disciple of intrinsic motivation. I had a privilege of working with many engineers and designers that were light years ahead of me in their field. Again and again, I saw that the way to get them to do their best work is to give them autonomy, mastery, and purpose. I believe in building authentic relationships at work – relationships based on trust and respect, where carrot and stick do not belong. Lastly, I believe in breadth of knowledge. Those that know of the existence of better tools will get the job done much faster. Particularly in technology, with so much fire and motion going on, those that are aware of the options that could be applied – and their tradeoffs – will be an order of magnitude faster than their competitors that faithfully use a hammer for every task. If you’d like to get in touch, send me a note at [alex94040 AT yahoo DOT com].