Alex Atkind

Business Executive in Los Angeles, California

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Alex Atkind works as a real estate development professional focusing on the greater Los Angeles area market. When not working, Alex enjoys two true passions - food and travel.

Alex's love affair with food began as a child, when he would follow his grandmother around the kitchen and help out as her sous-chef. In that warm kitchen, Alex began to learn just how powerfully food and the culinary experience overall can tie families and friends together. This personal passion for the kitchen only grew over time. Now, as an adult, Alex both enjoys flexing his expertise as a cook and going out to explore the latest and greatest in dining establishments. An avid fan of the Los Angeles food scene, he also takes time to sample new cuisines when visiting new places.

This happens quite frequently, as Alex is also an avid traveler. The opportunity to see new places and meet new people is integral to developing an informed perspective. However, Alex Atkind does more than settle for the designation of "tourist." He commits fully to immersing himself in foreign, exotic, and exciting new situations. Traveling should always be defined by the extent to which it empowers the traveler to experience new things, and Alex wholeheartedly ascribes to the belief that every day should be seized to the fullest.

  • Work
    • Lennar Homes
  • Education
    • University of Washington