Alex Caraballo

Phone: (781) 618-4147


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: North Dartmouth, MA Bachelor of Science-Computer Engineering May 2011


Microprocessors / Microcontroller:

AVR: ATTiny24, ATMega328p including Libraries

Motorola: 68K, ARM: SAM7x512

Programming Language: C/C++, Assembly Language, Java, Matlab

Microsoft .NET Micro Framework, WinAVR Programmer's Notepad, Eagle PCB Layout

VHDL – Xilinx ISE 9 and 10, CPLD – Lattice ispLEVER

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 98-Windows 7, Microsoft Server 2005,

Macintosh OSX 10.4 – 10.6, Linux: Ubuntu 9 – 10, Fedora 9, CentOS

Knowledgeable in Microsoft Active Directory, Office, Expression Studios, Data Manipulation Language, Worked with Wire shark-Network Analyzers, Virtual box, VMWare

Reading, Writing, and Speaking, in both English and Spanish


Provided Services:

Computer Networking:

Information Technology Network Administrating

Networking Consulting

Cloud-Computing Consulting

Computer Software:

Knowlegble in Varous OS: Windows OS, Mac OSX, Linux OS

Computer Software Consulting

Computer Hardware Consulting