Alex Cole

Houston, TX

Hello I'm Alex Cole,

1st of all I want to be a pharmacist because I've always been inspired by my doctor's and by my brother. I really just have a passion for basketball.

I feel like pharmacist is a job I can really get and basketball is mainly a hobby and a dream but, it could end up being a dream that I pursued well that's how I feel.

As you see you see I have a basketball with cough syrup being poured on well, the basketball represents as my love for the sport and the cough syrup part represents as me wanting to be a pharmacist.

The three letters I live by are C.H.N which stand for Calm, Honest, and Nice. I feel like if I'll go far if I live by those three words. Last but not least people ask me what type of person I want to be well I want to be a father who there for their kid no matter what.

There is one quote I live by and goes like this. " I know I can be what I want to be. If work hard at it. I'll be where I want to be." Nas-I know I can.

  • Work
    • Currently a student at a highschool
  • Education
    • Currently a student at a highschool