A Mustache Can Change The World

As a writer I am a mustache, on some days my writing is well groomed and full of flair. Other times my writing is frazzled and bushy and in need of grooming. My writing can curl, loop, or fly with pizzazz like the Dali mustache, while making people stop and stare at its zany brilliance. On the other hand, when I write it may be rustic in feel and classic in attitude like a handlebar mustache, all the while encouraging people to stare just the same. When I am rushed into writing piece or do not appreciate my assignment the writing can transform into a badly maintained pencil mustache or the not so classic Hitler ‘stache and give people a ghostly or rundown image of me. Like any classic mustache my writing must be well maintained and revised countless times before its classic and recognizable style is visible. This may not always happen, leading to a loss of appeal and an increase in repulsiveness almost immediately. All in all, my writing can be classicly classic or zany, ugly or sad, but my writing is always individual, just like any mustache.

Photo taken by Sterlic