Alejandro Morillas García


I have ESO.

CFGM Equipos electrónicos de consumo.

I started CFGS Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Informáticas (DAI), but i don´t finished.

At the moment I`m studing CFGS Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web (DAW).


My first job was in Telepizza. This job is not very good, because I worked hard and I didn`t get paid enough. I wordked only two months.

Other of my jobs was making bags, belt and shoes. This work I like it, I know funny people.


I like sports. When i have a little time i ride a bike, i go to the montains, i go up the mountains, i go down the mountains. Anyway i like the mountain and ride a bike, but this sport isn't only, i practice other sports, for example: running, swiming, snorkil...