Alex Knight

Musician, Chef, and Journalist in Salford, United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm Alex!

I like to think that with the right efforts, anyone can achieve whatever they want to. And that's why I've got so much on at the moment!

There's an awful lot I'm in the middle of right now: Studying for a masters in management and working at weatherspoons to support that. But my main passion is my music reviews website. I love listening to and writing about music, and when combined with my degree in popular music, I found I have insight that a lot of other journalists miss. I'm working hard to be able to earn a living from doing this, and look forward to a time when I can focus solely on that. In the mean time, I'm plugging away, spreading my efforts, comfortable in the knowledge they will help me in the long term.

And That's all I have to say, about that.

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