Alex Kurtagic

Alex Kurtagić was born in 1970. He is an author, artist, and musician, based in the United Kingdom. In his early years he resided in the United States, Venezuela, the Netherlands, and Spain. He is the author of Mister (a dystopian satirical novel and ruthless critique of conservatism, published by Iron Sky Publishing, 2009), the founder and director of Supernal Music, and the editor-in-chief of Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group. His essays, articles, and reviews can be found dispersed throughout a variety of publications; a selection are archived on this website. His writing deals with topics relating to culture, society, politics, and music. Examples of his art can also be found on his website and social media. His discography includes four albums, all via the project Benighted Leams, for which he composed all the music, performed all the instruments, wrote all the lyrics (save in Obombrid Welkins), and did all the vocals. He has spoken at conferences and private events on both sides of the Atlantic, and in April 2014 he was awarded the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize for that year.

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