George MOAK

Student in Atlanta, Georgia

So, let's see... I'm a professional video editor (for the last 11 years), intermediate in web design (HTML5; CSS3), and was in advanced acting in high school.

So, as I've graduated high school in 2014, I aim to progress in web design, including both front-end (HTML5, Javascript, CSS, etc.) and back-end (php, ruby, etc.), and to go further into film, as an cinematographer, and possibly as a voice actor. I am currently in college majoring in Film, and will proceed to major in Web Design.

As you can see, I like to broaden my skills over many sciences and structures, be it theater, video/film, visual arts, web design, and I hope to explore voice acting as a worthwhile hobby. So if anybody is interested in my testimony, then please do contact me.

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