Alejandro Pestchanker

Santiago, Chile

Currently Irrationally passionate about accelerated evolution of humanity thru technology. Entrepreneurship and Human Cloud

I'm a mature executive, nurtured after been exposed to different cultures and market conditions in several places in the world, such as Latino America, US and Europe where I've developed strong executive skills leading high performance teams.

I've performed in different roles and positions, starting as Programmer/Technical, then Consultancy and gradually moved to Businesses. A career that gave me a very unique knowledge that allows me to understand deep Technical matters and complex Business challenges.

I've started my career as an entrepreneur in the early stages of IT adoption by companies, spirit that I still have and I use in all my decisions and points of view. I'm a passionate TECHNOLOGIST and I consider myself an evangelist on the accelerated impact Technology is producing in our society, its businesses and the human way of life. I love evolution and embrace change in all its forms, which allowed me to help people and organizations to growth and adapt.

I'm a volunteer COACH, so you can certainly ask me about businesses or change issues you might want to have another opinion.I´m currently open to BOARD positions on STARTUP companies that allow me to further produce impact thru others.

I was born in Argentina, currently living in Buenos Aires, holding also Italian Nationality. I also lived in Mexico for almost two years and in Chile for four years.

I'm happily married for more than a decade and proud father of 3 marvelous kids that are the sunshine in my life and the whole reason for what I do every day.

I'm a GOLF fanatic, though I cannot play as much as I'd like, SKI is another sport I'm passionate about. A long ago I fulfilled a dream of my youth, obtaining my PILOT certificate which is a hobby that will certainly follow me thru all my life.