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Alex Sandalis

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Why I went to the effort to create

A recent turn of life events created a vision within me to help people. To help mold people to be as successful as they desire.

Maybe I'm just delusional, but I truly believe I have lived the experiences of the average man 10 years older than me. I feel like my mind is 10 years wiser because of the effort I have been making to learn and experience as much as I since I was 15 years old.

I created this resource as a platform to pass on what I've learnt onto other people. I wish I could have had this information when I was 15 years old. I wish someone would have told me that I didn't have to make all these mistakes on my own and I could have vicariously learnt them through someone else.

I am not an expert in anything, I don't intend on getting any fancy degree to claim that I do anytime soon . All I try and constantly remind myself is the that I know nothing. With that, I will never stop learning and growing.

Prelude | My Journey Before This

I worked tirelessly every single day for 5 years towards one goal of becoming 'great' at basketball with the dream of one day playing professionally somewhere in the world. Basketball took me to the America twice, the most recent time where I lived there for 5 months and traveled to many amazing cities meeting unforgettable people. I owe everything to the sport, it made me into who I am.

But, it is not whoI am. My next ventures are focused on my passions for heal fitness, yoga, writing, creating content and traveling.

The focus will always revolve around these two aspects. (One is selfish and one is selfless but impossible without each other)

1. Learning as much as I can molding myself into the best human being I can be.

2. Creating content and product for the world to leave it better place and inspire people to change.

This is who I am and why my website was created.