Alex Williams

Receptionist in Nampa, Idaho

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Alex was born in the midwest in a small town in Idaho. From a young age he took an interest in planes, from the very first aviation vehicles built by the Wright Brothers to the planes of the modern day. His family traveled a lot when he was a child in order to follow his father around for work, and being on a plane only made his passion grow. To this day he enjoys building model planes, and he aspires to be a pilot someday.

Alex works reception at a nearby airport to get as close to the planes as he could get without flying in or piloting one. Planes are not the only things that he is passionate about--Alex is also an exceptionally talented painter and has spent many hours in his community art centers, both as a student and as a pro-bono teacher, helping those younger than him that are interested in the arts to perfect their techniques and find their own styles. His work has been featured in a few art shows and he even sold one painting to his local airport much to his delight.

He loves to play football and was on his school's team as the running back all four years of his high school career. He plays on a community team now when he is not at work. Alongside football and art, Alex also enjoys running cross-country and eating well in an attempt at staying active and healthy.

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