Alex Wood

"Far and away is the best" THE INDEPENDENT

"Alex came into our offices" TIMEOUT

"Wood is without doubt something that can be throw on the fire" THE GUARDIAN

"Mother and I went to see Alex perform" THREE WEEKS



I was delighted and privileged to play on the steps of the ALBERT HALL on Jan 11th. Many people came up to me afterwards and said how brave it was of me to continue after the police had instructed me to move along. I played a folk song about Daphne the milkmaid that has an allergy to dairy. It got some applause.

Alan the man that sits at the desk next to me at work was there. The one who says "Preparing to Stand by' in an American accent whenever he has something important to do. It was funny. Then we went for a pizza that had herbs and seasoning on it.

I needed to get an early night because the following day I had an early meeting at the BBC about working on a breakfast show. They have a cleaning job in the Cardiff Studios that fits in with the rest of my schedule and it's a big 'foot in the door'. Yes I will have to get up at 2.30 am to get there on time for the 6.00am start, but I'd be a fool to look a gifthorse in the mouth. The interview went well and I start next Thursday, so no 'PARTAAAAYING' for me for a while. Sorry everyone.

Ok well, thanks - especially to my family. It's so good to know they are behind me.