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Alexa Bigornia

Graphic design is more than a means of decoration to me. “Fusion of function and beauty” is my motto. Graphic design is a holistic practice that should not only utilize my artistic abilities, but should draw from my ability to strategize and communicate. The simple, the extravagant, and the unexplainable in life inspire me. I proceed to put no less than that of a statement into my own work.

I am a recent honors graduate from Notre Dame de Namur University with a major in Art & Graphic Design and a minor in Business. I was one of the lucky ones that came to the University without a doubt about what major I wanted to pursue. I have always been into traditional art, and in my later years have taken that passion and converted to the digital world of art. I was self-taught in drawing technique when I was younger, and then eventually started teaching myself how to use Adobe programs. Luckily, my interest in these skills early on gave me a technical advantage when I got to NDNU. When everyone else was learning how to use basic tools in Photoshop, I was flying through the required projects, which made time for me to do complicated tutorials online in my spare time. I love being crafty and creative in many different mediums. Aside from the traditional mediums, I also enjoy different means of expression such as makeup, sewing, cooking, etc. When I'm not being productive, I feel like I wasted my day.