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Alexa Holcomb


Psychology Research Assistant and Mental Health Practitioner / Rehab Associate, seeking to leverage education and experience in researching psychological disorders and syndromes, and health behaviors with the goal to help others live a full and productive life and applying the knowledge to immediately assist others.

I have recently authored over twenty worksheets, posters and presentations for mental health professionals, law enforcement, lawyers and social workers for their continuing educational and training in the areas of shaken baby syndrome, forced water intoxication and cognitive behavior therapy for insomniacs.

Known for technical writing, attention to detail, seeing patterns in numbers and recognizing and handling difficult situations. Culturally and socially aware and recognized as an adaptable and flexible employee with strong communication skills and able to remain calm in frenetic environments.

I am seeking a psychology research assistant or a mental health practitioner associate position with a university, non profit organization, government, law enforcement agency, hospital or with a private practice consultancy where I can contribute to the organization with my passion for researching and interpreting data to help to improve the human condition and society.

  • Work
    • Mental Health Practitioner | Psychology Research
  • Education
    • University of Minnesota