Party Tents


• Commercially aerosols sale that the canvas can be re-repellent.
• When purchasing or disclose what kind of tent the product is intend: cotton or synthetic canvas.
• Before carrying out the treatment, you should get rid of the tent all dust and dirt to get a good result.

You can find your material back in the same condition as you have stored it.
Need many years enjoying your camping equipment, you have to take into account the sensitivity of the material, especially in tents. A Coleman tents spread odors days after the drawing. That is no fun for yourself or for your camping neighbors.
Here are some useful tips:
• Used as storage for your tent material in a dry and dark place.
• When you store the tent material (primarily the soft parts), please note that all moisture is gone out, to prevent mold.
• It is important that the tent of all debris have been clear.
• You can keep the tent best when you take them out of the bag and keep loose.
• Look after the zippers and rub them with talcum powder or possibly in an appropriate silicone oil.
• Let sleeping bags come in a plastic sleeve, but keep them loosely folded or rolled.
• Self-cleaning sleeping bags is possible, but follow with the rules of the manufacturer.
• Insertion of talc in the air mattress will extend the life, especially if you also have a little air in late.
• Foam rubber mattresses, isolation, and mats will last longer if you keep them stretched.
• In addition, cots of Outdoor world are sensitive to moisture.
• Make sure that the pegs and poles sand. Pleated pieces back straightened.

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