Alex Aaronson

Photographer in Leeds, UK

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Alex Aaronson is a freelance photographer and media content creator based in Leeds, UK, founder of the Alex Aaronson Photography Studio, where he develops his vast experience in various applications of the field. Being fascinated with the visual arts from a young age, his portfolio ranges from exotic nature photography to covering fashion shows and editorials – field in which he is formally trained, holding a BA in Fashion Photography. Aaronson is also proficient on software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, which adds a further layer of complexity and quality in his current work and the range of services the studio can provide. He is currently working on a book to showcase the art inspired by his adventures around the world.

The current work of Alex Aaronson’s photography stems from a unique mix of professional precision and creative initiative, with a variety of services that have been appreciated by prominent emerging figures in the international fashion scene. After doing some work at London Fashion Week 2016, his abilities have been recognised by designers and fashion lovers alike, due to his exceptional attention to detail which can capture the most particular nuances as well as conveying the stylists’ original vision.

Alex Aaronson’s photography has been deeply inspired by the artist’s travels around the world, especially his gap year in South East Asia and various major cities across the globe. The proximity to the local flora and fauna encountered in Thailand sparked the interest in nature photography, and the spirituality of the region helped him get in touch with the roots of his own heritage, and really develop on an artistic and personal level. This closeness to nature has also motivated the artist’s beliefs as a climate activist, and his efforts towards environmental sustainability have brought him to collaborate within the cause both as an individual and an artist.

The variety of services offered by Alex Aaronson’s photography activity covers quite an extensive range, including corporate event coverage or photographic packages for private functions, including weddings. He is open to work with content creators for promotional material, being particularly interested in food photography. In his free time, when he is not volunteering for environmental causes, he enjoys listening to classical music, and he participates to initiatives supporting animal welfare charities – as an animal lover himself, he has given a home to two rescued dogs.

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