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Alex Abelin

New York New York

Alex Abelin is the Co-Founder and the CEO of LiquidTalent. LiquidTalent enables professional connection and financial transaction in real-time, based on location. The company presents users with real-time, income-earning opportunities based on skills, experience and geographic location. Our goal is to help people capture their value, and ultimately, monetize themselves. LiquidTalent officially launches in Spring 2014. For more information, please visit Prior to starting LiquidTalent, Alex worked for Google for 7 years (2005 to 2013). His career was divided between the Sales and Policy departments. In Sales, Alex worked with Fortune 500 companies under the Financial Services vertical. In Policy, Alex held the unique position of External Affairs Manager. His duties included building relationships with government officials, managing an investment fund for nonprofit entities, acting as the intermediary between external membership organizations and schools, and producing Google focused seminars and events for key stakeholders. Alex served as the chief architect in developing eight Google sponsored outdoor WiFi networks; the most notable being the Chelsea CIC WiFi network, the largest contiguous NYC WiFi network ever created. Alex started his career on his 14th birthday with Festivities Catering, worked during High School for the County of San Diego's Anti-Tobacco Action Committee, and spent his college years working for UC Berkeley's Publication Center. During his college summers in San Diego, he interned at the District Attorney's Office and at NBC in the Sales and Advertising division. Alex is a proud member of the World Economic Forum Shapers, Summit Series, StartingBloc, Dot2Dot and Nexus. Alex loves traveling and exploring the world and is pleased to say he needs new pages for his passport. He studied abroad in Florence, Italy and worked abroad for Google in Dublin, Ireland. He founded GoogleCaresSF to provide philanthropic opportunities for Google employees to serve the local Bay Area community. He’s an avid fundraiser and supporter of Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall charity and leads teams of runners. He loves San Diego, New York and his alma mater, UC Berkeley and the Haas School of Business. Alex is a tough ping pong player, and a committed optimist.

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    • Google
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    • UC Berkeley