Alex Absalom

Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Church Planter in Long Beach, California

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Along with my wife Hannah, I lead Dandelion Resourcing!

Dandelion helps church leaders discover simple tools that equip believers to go and make disciples in naturally supernatural ways . . . even if everyone currently hates sharing their faith!

We have worked with a beautiful range of leaders, churches and networks, representing many different backgrounds. Our goal always is to equip you to better equip others to reach your specific place of mission.

Simultaneously our family are planting The Dandelion Project - a multiplying network of Home Churches who seek to reveal God’s Kingdom wherever we live, work and play.

We have started this out of our home, and are busy reaching the lost locally, training up leaders, and sharing what we are learning with the wider church.


Hannah and I are regularly releasing FREE video trainings (think TED talk length) that will help you and your ministry today. They are ALL practical and action-oriented, so they are high-value tools.

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You can sign-up to be notified each time we post something new at the Dandelion Resourcing website. And if you do that, you'll also receive my FREE eBook, The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

You can also say hello through any of the social links below - and find out more about my family and how we are following Jesus!

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